Welcome to the Piccaro Foolsconnection 

We accept British Audience. - No, we love British Audience! And we love International  Audience!  W E  L O V E  T O  E N T E R T A I N  Y O U !


Clown Comedy performed by Picc (Piccaro)  

Picc,  a man  -  a myth  -  an icon !    ... and a professional idiot. 

He offers entertaining clown comedy shows and walking acts for adults and children. His visual ClownComedyChaosShow combines besides clown acting and slapstick also artistic elements like juggling, magic, ...  in a very funny way.

He performs in german or english language for business and private customers and Theatres as well.

His audience either can be german, english or international. His show is suitable for all kinds of events: like business meetings, birthday parties, weddings, family celebrations and christmas or new years parties and festivals in Germany and international.

A special show for special guests!